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Weight Loss Coaching with Pahla B

The BEST online weight loss coach for menopausal women.

+  Community
+     Coaching

=       MAGIC

My friend, when you combine practical accountability, community support, and professional mindset coaching, magic happens.

If you’re ready to stop struggling with the scale and start loving your body and your life, I can show you how! This is weight loss coaching like you’ve never experienced before, with a proven process that gets to the root of the problem, so you can lose the weight for the last time.

So, what do you get with group weight loss coaching?

Guided weight loss goal setting

Stop struggling and get started with a compelling goal that you can actually achieve.

Weekly group coaching

Enjoy the community with powerful conversations and illuminating topics to keep you moving in the right direction.

Support from other goal-getters

Daily check-ins to hold yourself accountable and stay connected.

Mindset coaching

Access to one-on-one coaching, as well as replays of other members’ sessions.

Personal attention

Get answers to your burning questions, or clarifying conversations when you need them.

Hours of bonus content

From coaching replays to exclusive guided worksheets, the Get Your GOAL group has everything you need to… well, get your goal.

All for Just


Per Month

The Buzz From Goal Getters

"Life. Changing."

Investing in myself with this group has helped me get my goal, notice my thoughts, feel my feelings and embrace and celebrate who I am! LIFE. CHANGING.

Julie, Member since 3/2021

"Beyond Expectations"

This method works beyond expectations! … I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible!

Amy O, Member since 5/2021

"The Missing Piece!"

I have learned so much about myself, how our brains work, how our thoughts impact weight loss and more! This is the piece that has been missing for so many years and I am grateful to have found Pahla and this wonderful group!

Chris C, Member since 10/2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Coaching


Yes, this program offers a proven process that thousands of women have used to successfully lose weight. It’s particularly effective when you show up, utilize the tools and put in the work, and it’s even been known to change your life in other areas.


The group is designed for busy women and I do my best to provide calls at different times of day. Additionally, all of the coaching calls (group and individual) are recorded and available to watch as replays, and there is a dedicated “ask the coach” section within the group for written answers to your questions.


My friend, there is still plenty for you here in the group! None of the meetings or sessions are mandatory, and there’s lots of written interaction to engage you with others if you’d prefer. Also, you might be surprised at how powerful it is to simply be in a group like this.


As a requirement to join the group, everybody signs a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not share other peoples’ details outside the group.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

You are welcome to join the group for as long or as short a time as meets your needs. The membership is month-to-month, and the content inside is all available to you from the moment you join.

I’m not working on weight loss right now, but want to work on my mindset for other reasons. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Many members of the Get Your GOAL group are pursuing personal transformations in other areas of their lives. The process we use works for every goal!

Ready to

Get Your Goal?

Hi, I’m Pahla B! 

Fitness YouTuber and Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach

I help women make peace with their menopausal bodies by finding a healthy weight and moving through the world in ways that feel like love

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