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Looking for weight loss
coaching and motivation?

You’ve come to the right place! Join Pahla B in the Get Your GOAL weight loss coaching program.

    What Our Goal Getters Have to Say

    "Life. Changing."

    I joined the GYG group in March 2021. In that time, thanks to accessing numerous 1:1 coaching sessions with Pahla, and countless group sessions I GOT MY GOAL … and stayed to get a new goal! 🙌

    If you’re willing to do the work to get your goals, this group is the place to be. Ample support, guidance, resources and insight from not only Pahla, but the incredible group of women sharing and cheering each other on!

    Investing in myself with this group has helped me get my goal, notice my thoughts, feel my feelings and embrace and celebrate who I am!


    Julie, Member since 3/2021

    "Elevate Your Life"

    I am a long time Get Your Goal member. I am amazed at how much I learn about myself by managing my mind. I am successful with weight maintenance and the 5-0 Method as a self care routine. I am using GYG strategies to thrive in my outside sales career.

    The GYG experience can elevate your life, when you are ready!

    Amanda T., Member since 8/2020

    "More tools"

    I joined this group because I felt the Pahla B Facebook page/YouTube was so helpful and I reached my weight loss goal following the 5-0 Method.  I knew I needed MORE tools and I found them here. Everyone that has participated has helped me immensely.  For real. Every single one.

    Sheila H, Member since 03/2022

    "A Treasure Trove"

    When Pahla says the Get Your Goal group is interactive, she means it … emphasis on the active! There are real-time meetings and one-on-one coachings, daily check-ins to provide both accountability and practice finding your thoughts, and an introductory section with four steps that allow you to dig deep into this work and go at your own speed. And while Pahla doesn’t answer questions other places, she sure does here: the ‘ask the coach’ topic is a treasure trove. Plus there are the other GYGers … brilliant women whose journeys will teach you more about yourself than you can possibly imagine. No matter what your goal is, you belong in Get Your Goal.

    Lori O, Member since 10/2021

    "Beyond Expectations"

    Change your mindset by observing three thoughts a day? Yes! This method works beyond expectations! I have loved the interaction with Pahla and the amazing group of women in the Get Your Goal group. I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible!

    Amy O, Member since 5/2021

    "The Reason for My Success"

    I was a weight watcher for many years and lost a lot of weight…but always put it back on. Something was missing… turns out it was my mindset.. which Pahla has taught me how to manage how and that is the reason for my success.

    Pat K, Member since 4/2021

    "Hooked by the Mindset Work"

    I was attracted by the videos; 20 minutes a day is so manageable. But I was hooked by the mindset work. I have used the 5-0 method to change beliefs about myself and about others and in the process I have lost weight, gained confidence, made connections, grew as a human and as a bonus, I am starting a business that was only a dream for years. I am immeasurably grateful to Pahla and the GYG group.

    Amy O, Member since 5/2021

    "excited to see what other goals I can smash"

    I started with Pahla in 2017 after I lost 30lbs of the 115lbs I wanted to lose on my own. I was stuck and didn’t have the tools I needed to move forward. I joined the Killer B Hive and by following the principles in the 5-Oh method, I was able to lose a total of 85lbs, but I was stuck again. I knew that I needed to focus more on my mindset if I wanted to get the rest of the way to my goal, so I joined the Get your Goal group. I am super close to being done with weight loss and I’m excited to see what other goals I can smash in the future. I am so grateful to Pahla and this group of talented women.

    Shirley F, Member since 8/2020

    "The Missing Piece!"

    Like many I found Pahla through her videos on YouTube. I was intrigued by her message which led to listening to her podcasts and applying the 5-0 method. I started journaling and doing mindset work on my own and decided to join the Get Your Goal group. I have learned so much about myself, how our brains work, how our thoughts impact weight loss and more! This is the piece that has been missing for so many years and I am grateful to have found Pahla and this wonderful group!

    Chris C, Member since 10/2021

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